About Us

In 1997 three ambitious young men had a vision….B.B.R.C. (Bad Boys Riding Crew) was born. Over time, BBRC turned into only one man’s dream. That one man met his lifelong best friend and together they brought life to BBRC. Through years of riding, stunting, parties, travel, fun, fun, fun we changed. Even though you have not heard about BBRC in some time, WE are not dead….just evolved into something more powerful than all our bikes. FAMILY. Generations of families have enjoyed the unlimited memories all of us have formed. WE have chosen to rise up and share our adventures and past memories with you. Throughout the years we have spawned across the United States placing our emphasis on enjoying life with our friends and family. If you have pictures you wish to be removed or added please email webmaster@bbrc.com.

We the members of BBRC take no responsibility for the way you choose to ride. We are experienced riders and as you can see we crash too. We do not encourage breaking the law or stunt riding on public roads. So if you choose to ride in an unsafe and crazy manner, please take into consideration the risk to others around you. If this sort of riding and party lifestyle is not what you would like to see then this website might not be the best place for you to be visiting.